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“I’m not so sure about this.” I looked around, getting nervous.
“Relax, (Y/N). People can’t judge you here.” (Friends name (F/N)) tried to calm me down as we walked to the counter to sign up. This was the new gym in town claiming ‘No Judgment’ but I wasn’t so sure. What if I see someone I don’t like here? We both paid the fee and (F/N) decided to take the tour around the place but I just wanted to get this over with. I went to the locker rooms and changed and then claimed a treadmill. You can’t look too dumb on it right? After walking 30 minutes I decided to try the elliptical machine (evil in disguise). I couldn’t handle more than five minutes and when I got off my legs hurt so bad I fell on my way to the chest press machine.
“Are you ok?” Someone held out a hand to me. Muscular legs, muscular torso, muscular everything! My (e/c) eyes met his striking blue ones. What was with that accent?
“Yeah, thank you.” I felt so awkward talking to such a good looking man! Usually I felt so confident and didn’t care that I was ‘chubby’ because I thought I looked pretty good in the mirror with my hair the right way. But why now do I feel so shy?
“Well if you are alright, I’ll get going.” The blonde started to walk away.
“Hey, wait!” Shut up (y/n)! Don’t do something stupid! “You look very fit, uhm... do you think you could help me?” Dammit what did I just do?! The man stopped and looked back with a small smile.
“I guess I can. Meet me here at six tomorrow night.” He left. Oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?
~Day 1~
Who would have guessed I had signed myself up for boot camp?
“Alright, …” Oh, right, we never introduced ourselves.
“Right, (Y/n). My name is Ludwig. My task is to make you fit, like you asked. Do you have any questions for me before we start?” Well maybe just one…
“Is your accent German?” I smiled nervously.
“Yes, anything else?” I shook my head. “Good. You will start with three sets of 15 on each kind of machine here. You will finish with 30 minutes on the treadmill. Over time I want you to increase weight on the machines and speed on the treadmill.”
I’m going to die.
~Day 50~
“Keep it up (Y/n). You’ve improved a lot since you started.” Ludwig complimented when I finished my 30 minute jog. I took a swig of water.
“Well I wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t push me.” We started towards the locker rooms.
“Hey, do you want to… Uhm…”
“(Y/n)!” (F/N) ran over, interrupting Ludwig.
“Don’t be rude, (f/n)!” I scolded.
“But we need to go or we’ll miss (favorite show/movie)!” She pleaded. Oh yeah, I almost forgot!
“Alright. Sorry Ludwig, I’ll see you later.” We ran to get undressed and back into normal clothes. We got into my car.
“So have you told him?” (F/n) smirked as we drove back to our apartment.
“Told him what?”
“That you are in love with him.” What? How did she know that? “What, you always talk about him and I can tell by how you act. And to be honest, I think he likes you too.”
“Whatever.” There’s no way that he likes a girl like me. It’s purely one sided, just a hopeless crush. Right?
~Day 120~
“Ludwig, I really like you, and I was wondering if… if you liked me?” I shook my head. “No, it sounds stupid. I can’t tell him.” I sat at the table waiting for him. We were going out to dinner to celebrate my reaching my goal. After this, would we see each other? I mean he has no reason to have to be around me anymore, what will I do if he does leave?
“Good evening, (y/n).” Ludwig smiled, sitting down across from me. I faked a smile. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I was just thinking.” We sat in silence for a minute until the waiter asked for our order and left. Small talk filled the conversation, both of us obviously with more on our mind than dinner. After, we left the restaurant and headed to our separate cars. This is it, I’ll never see him again, except maybe it I go to the gym. But it’ll be awkward. Why am I such a coward? I clearly love this man but I’ll never be able to tell him. I got in my car and cranked it up. Say Something was on the radio; I listened and started to cry. If he liked me, wouldn’t he have told me? I don’t know how it works since I’ve never actually dated anyone. But what if he was shy like me and couldn’t find the courage to say it? Oh god, I have to find him! I jumped out of my car and ran in the direction he went.
“Ludwig!” I saw him running in my direction.
“(Y/n)!” We reached each other and embraced.
“I love you Ludwig, I was just afraid to say it.” I cried, looking in his beautiful blue eyes.
“Ich liebe dich auch. I’m not good with expressing my feelings, (y/n).” He kissed me. We stood there like a couple of love drunk teenagers. “Can I see you tomorrow?”
“I’ll be at the gym at six.” I laughed
something i thought of at the gym one day Fast so i typed it up. prob sucks o well KFC Chicken Epic Dance 
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